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Grow Shop General


The grow shop General is a company that sells seeds and products related to growing marijuana. They asked us to create an image-based logo that clearly reflected the organization and their products. After some issues, we had got something suitable for each part. This was the result.



This company is dedicated to transport and logistics nationwide. They use is a circular process, composed of different sectors. The concept of globality is his main feature. The logo, in minimalistic style, expresses the group as a whole.



This electronic music and dancing club, based in Ciudad Real, asked me to remake their corporate identity. The concept: building new ways to understand music, and music as media, whatever manifestation. This is the best way to transmit what this club offers to his clients, one of the best lives performances in the area.

Thelma & Louise


Thelma and Louise is a beauty salon. Its main goal and purpose is customer happiness. They not seek to impose to them any “trend” or “fashion”, they are interested on knowing what every person wants, according to his lifestyle. But they don’t hesitate to make available to their customers advanced products and treatments. Very strict guidelines for image creation, with retro features.

Tienda Moya


This supermarket has evolved since it was founded in 1965, adapting to fit new times and markets. They sell natural and organic produce, health foods and products for specialist diets. We developed a new company image and a hand-built shop sign.
I really enjoyed the project and, in the process, had the opportunity to discover and explore new materials and techniques.



Véneto, a restaurant serving American, Italian and Spanish food, commissioned me to create their corporate identity. We created a series of products related to each aspect of their identity, including the restaurant’s interior design.
Thanks to Véneto for their collaboration throughout the process.