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Juan Moya Cobo


My name is Juan Moya (mou), and I’m a Spanish-based motion graphic designer and director.

I’m creative and proactive, passionate about what I do, easy to get on with, and love messing around with new ideas.

All my life, I’ve been inspired by nature, street art and typography. Travels as well, i´ve lived in different places it has also brought a wide range of influence to my work.

When I was a kid, I spent most of my time drawing huge animals mixed with letters on a blackboard in the garage. Nowadays, I’m working on projects in Motion Graphics, Ilustration and Graphic Design.

I’m interested in Calligraphy, Painting , Animation, Video Art and Sculpture. I currently collaborate in a graffiti festival called La Mancha Colors in Cuenca, Spain. I also co-work with El Sotano an audiovisual start-up, in Alicante.

At the moment. I am more focused on freelance work, it gives me a chance to give a more personal touch to the art direction and animation. If you would discuss a possible project. I am really love to hear about it. Anyway, i would also consider a staff position.



The Opinion Panel Community (London)
Niu (Barcelona)
Proyector Festival Internacional de Video Arte (Madrid)
Sale Grosso Ristorante (Bologna)
Caja Baja Studio (Valencia)